Ifa y Xango


Ifa y Xango are a number of musicians based in Belgium and Brazil. The group was founded in 2010 with all of the seven musicians in the band playing acoustic instruments and self- composed music at the time. Since releasing their debut album Abraham, which was elected as "Best debut album" by the New York City Jazz Record in 2013, they have expanded the band with three new members. The group is proud to present their upcoming second album “twice left handed \\ shavings”, inspired by the band's love for experimental electronic dance music, trance music and musique concrète on el NEGOCITO Records.

Filipe Nader: alto sax
Viktor  Perdieus: tenor sax
Niels van Heertum: euphonium
João Lobo: drums
Ruben Pensaert: drums
Sep François: percussion
Seppe Gebruers: keyboards and electronics
Bert Cools: guitar and electronics
Ruben Machtelinckx: guitar and electronics
Laurens Smet: bass and electronics